Friday, 25 September 2009

Here's something you don't generally come across when on the way to work... it appears to have been a farmers' protest (as far as I can work out, they want a minimum price for milk, are not prepared to be anyone's inflation-brakes and have it in for herring (or maybe someone called Herr Hering). Most of the tractors had set off around town by this point; I couldn't help wondering whether the group on the right were discussing actually parking their cows for the duration!

Got properly measured up today in the costume department - every single inch was encircled by the tape measure and the results noted - luckily they were in centimetres, so I've no idea what they actually meant! Huge advantage, that, of the English habit of using imperial rather than metric measurements. Although we did get a little stuck on height - managed my 12-times table to convert from feet and inches into just inches, but then my brain rebelled at the thought of multipying by 2.4 and we wrote down an approximation based on the fact that we were of similar height!

They wanted a couple of snaps for reference, and we went onto the glass walkway between the houses for this as it had the best light. The director of costume took a full-on and a sideways, then asked if I'd hoick up my skirts for a shot with my legs in, so they could see clearly what skirt lengths would suit me. Gladly, said I, hitching up all the lacy material - it was only once she'd got the shot she wanted that I glanced down and saw a chap looking up in absolute delight and giving my pose the thumbs-up...

On the way home I decided to stick my nose in a glass of Federweisser. This is slightly cloudy fermented grape must; stalls had been springing up all over the city in the past few days, and I was curious. It was super! Sweet, very refreshing, doubt there was much alcohol in there, just the right amount of fizz. It reminded me of nothing so much as a batch of elderflower champagne I once made (several bottles exploded in the cellar rather spectacularly; one inexplicably survived for over a decade but no-one dared drink the stuff!). Prost!

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  1. Don't underestimate Federweisser - I can still remember a particularly long and brutal hangover after imbibing heavily - on the principle of 'this stuff is only freshly-squeezed fruit juice'. It is viciously delicious with ALL the impurities left in! And on NO account eat too much Zwiebelkuchen with it - you wil wake with a rock in your stomach...