Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Just staggered back from a pretty chaotic and bad-tempered rehearsal. There's always one! (Well, to be honest, there's often more than just the one, but fingers crossed.)

When it's a first costume rehearsal, you look forward to seeing your final outfits - but of course hems are invariably the wrong length or dresses so wide you can't see if you stand behind their wearer; you hunt fruitlessly for your last-act skirt, only to discover it hasn't yet been made; towels and slippers are quite violently soaked and the stage therefore covered in water; and bits of the set turn out to be too narrow to pass, too rickety to be silent or simply in completely the wrong place.

Everywhere you turn, there are people sulking or muttering mutinously in corners, pulling uneasily at their wigs, or treading gingerly on broken "glass" and crunching. And we've to be back on stage pretty much first thing tomorrow morning...

I love the theatre!

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  1. I was in a right strop after our last Faust rehearsal, and it wasn't that bad either. Just difficult music and difficult staging.

    Sometimes it pays to be grumpy, people then know you are taking it seriously.