Saturday, 10 October 2009

Today, despite having had a disastrously sleepless night (I think it's the weather), I hopped on a train to a city forty minutes away, and helped someone whom I had never previously met move across town. Such is the joy of the twenty-first century! Like most random and illogical acts, it turned out to be hugely enjoyable. I hate moving house with a passion, so actually felt useful just bowling up and offering to be a spare pair of hands. What's more, running a wine shop once means I can lift quite a bit without a problem (if anyone doubts this, try picking up a crate of champagne at speed!). Doesn't help in the appearing-helpless-and-feminine stakes, but gets stuff shifted.

I also spoke more English today than I have since I moved here. A varied and fascinating crowd had turned up to help, including a Canadian, the original American, Germans and Actual English People (have not bumped into a single one of those here!). Naturally I got them all confused and spoke German to the English and vice versa to an utterly inappropriate degree, but actually it was lovely to relax and put the pocket dictionary back in my handbag for once. Especially once we had got the hard work over and done with, and adjourned to a café for a late lunch, and beers...

The weather was, strangely, a deciding factor. I had wondered in the early hours whether I was too tired to go; a HUGE thunderstorm at quarter to six in the morning decided me - anyone who could arrange to move house on the worst day of the year so far evidently had the same organisational qualities as most of my friends, and therefore needed the help!

Apart from any suspect altruistic motives, I have by now discovered where the Turkish butchers are in Frankfurt. Which means FRESH LAMB!! Which is definitely worth a trip all on its own. Excuse me, my cutlets marinated in garlic and rosemary are calling...

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