Saturday, 7 November 2009

Well, here goes...

Tonight sees the première of the Offenbach, the culmination of all our hard work, and something I'm looking forward to! The weather is revolting, unfortunately - grey, and raining quite heavily, I do hope it stops before I have to splash my way to the theatre; it gives me a headache, but I think I'll be OK healthwise (singers invariably wake up on the day of a performance mentally patting themselves down for injury, swallowing nervously to check whether the throat is at all swollen, clearing said throat, checking for gunge; oh it's all good fun, especially at this time of year, when one is seldom 100% clear and raring to go...).

Preparation will include decent food, nice long bath, full ashtanga yoga session (OK, yes, I cheat during boat pose, but I NEED those stomach muscles later!), and frantic scribbling and drawing of toi-toi cards. These latter are a super idea - who wouldn't want to wish their fellow performers well? - but invariably you get caught up in who to give them to (the soloists are generally easy to count, but do you include the one-liners from the chorus? the choreographer you haven't worked with? the assistant assistant director etc etc? I should probably give in and buy a heap of cards, but it amuses me to make my own, so they're finite... ah well, let's just hope I manage not to offend too many people...).

Meanwhile I am hoping not to meet too many people today - I am wearing bright orange nail polish ("Hey! Wouldn't that look COOL with all your pink?") and what's more it's all scratched and chipped ("Oh no, those are too elegant like that, here, let me..."). Classy. I tried to even it out yesterday with an orange hair flower and fiery orange earrings, but the grotty condition of my nails screamed a lot louder than their colour, and I got a few strange looks in shops. Interestingly, I met the costume designer in town, and stuck the offending paws underneath her nose - she just laughed!

I'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Very best of luck. I wish I could be there to see it.