Thursday, 21 January 2010

Goodness, it's a hard life, this...

I mean, there's the eternally tricky question of what to do with free booze... I went out with a couple of friends post-performance (well, post their performance; I had to drag myself out without the benefit of adrenaline; but I'm very glad I did, I had a lovely time) and due to the nature of theatre, we were the last in the restaurant. We hastily slid the last of our frozen margaritas (we are fond of kidding ourselves that because they're frozen and feel good going down, they must be good for our throats) down our gullets, having had a lively conversation with the waitress, including discussing the difficulties faced by performers wanting a few drinks post-show but stymied by early closing. Before we hit the door, though, a bass voice boomed out "Wait!!". Guiltily, we collectively checked we hadn't run out without paying enough... when the waitress returned with complementary takeaway margaritas for us all!!

There's something particularly appealing about wandering through darkened streets sipping a margarita... maybe a Noel Coward sort of a feeling? Whatever it was, it was much appreciated (THANK YOU, Mexico Lindo!) and after a great conversation outside the railway station I headed for home, carefully steering my bike as opposed to attempting to ride it, and enjoying the moment. Whether it will be quite so cool tomorrow, when I have a multiple-role Strauss coaching, who knows? But at least, for the moment, someone appreciated opera!!

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