Monday, 15 March 2010

My left knee is bleeding. My hair is hanging in semi-ripped-out hanks, and whatever eye make-up I started off with is smeared in teary swathes across my face. My armpits are full of the stink of someone else's old sweat, and my back is starting to enquire whether being bent backwards until my hair touched the ground, whilst wearing high heels, was really a good idea. Such a... genteel... pursuit, opera.

Three rehearsals into the Strauss. Today I sang some of my most difficult entries for the first time on the rehearsal stage. Several times. Then got ambushed by a directorial surprise; massively effective, as we had no choice but to react in character. A very powerful way of working.

I left the theatre virtually on my hands and knees; physically, emotionally and vocally drained. I just managed to pick up a schedule for tomorrow: more of the same.

I love it.

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