Saturday, 29 May 2010

I have been amazed over the past few days by just how talented my entire group of colleagues is. (I was thinking this even before the aftermath of a post-rehearsal salsa session, where I discovered that many of them can roll their eyes in different directions at the same time, whilst still squinting.) Seriously, I've been in fits of laughter during the rehearsal period for this latest opera, which involves most of my colleagues in one role or another, and there was a particular moment, watching yet another example of perfect comic timing, when I thought, hmm, everyone I work with can be funny whilst keeping the singing at a technically high standard - how wonderful is that? Not just those for whom the comic roles are bread and butter, but also the whomping great voices, who do the serious stuff but are expected to pitch in on team efforts like this one.

Remarking on this to a friend, she agreed and added that what's more, they're also a wholly likeable bunch. So true! I feel really lucky that my work is a joy due to those who work with me. (I can write this down safe in the knowledge that none of them read this!)

Mind you, all the comic genius is doing no good to my shoulder (the one I wrenched when falling at the feet of the pilot in Stansted) - I've discovered that you sort of shrug your shoulders unintentionally when surprised into laughter, and each time it damn well hurts. I know I should be taking it to a physiotherapist or something, but simply daren't risk their reaction when I admit that what I do for a living involves serious amounts of pratfalls and lugging around three-tier wedding cakes...


  1. Lugging around 3 tier wedding cakes? What show is this????

  2. Next one up. Bartered Bride. Should be great fun!