Sunday, 19 September 2010

Still basking in the aftermath of Italy.  Have a bellyful of perfectly delicious fried courgette (zucchini), personally imported from Rome.  Somehow, and without prejudice, cannot imagine a stallholder either in Germany or in England doing what this one did; absent-mindedly filling the bag I'd already paid for with extra courgettes, one after the other, whilst flirting madly, unabashed by the fact that it hadn't yet got to eight in the morning.
Yesterday saw the orchestral stage rehearsal for the reprise of the Bartered Bride we premiered at the end of last season.  Quite hilarious - so many people have forgotten so much, me of course included.  I saw just about every soloist sticking their scores in their bags afterwards in order to have a better look over the weekend...
And tomorrow sees the first Konzeptionsgespräch of the season for me.  I can't wait.  Working with a director whom I love, on a role which will technically be my professional acting (as opposed to singing) debut?  Fantastic.  What a journey to start!

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