Sunday, 12 September 2010

Were I in flowery mood, I should probably write something about, now being about as well in voice and body* as I can be, I am going to refresh my artistry at the wellspring of operatic inspiration.  Luckily, despite the photo (if anyone knows what the wild cornflower-like thingy is doing being pink rather than blue, I'd love to know), I'm not, and what I really mean is, hooray; having nothing much to do at the theatre just at present (there are two premieres coming up so 99% of my colleagues are beavering away madly), I am sneaking off to Rome for a few days.
I am convinced that just being in Italy helps one's legato - a little late-summer sunshine (fingers crossed), great food and wine, and excellent company should give me a real sense of holiday, which I have to admit has been rather lacking recently.  As a singer, you really don't ever feel like the ground underneath your feet is safe if your voice is under par; I have worked HARD to get it back into good shape, and I thoroughly intend to enjoy myself.  Ciao!

*  Eagle-eyed readers will note lack of reference to sound mind.... 

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