Sunday, 28 November 2010

I'm pleased to report that the Märchen (fairytale) we watched yesterday was glorious.  I have absolutely no idea how the actors keep up such energy, given their punishing schedule (often two performances a day, the first one at 9 a.m., meaning turning up for make-up at half past seven... *gulp*!), but we enjoyed the whole thing no end.  Seriously jealous of the sets (there was one that looked like a proper, green, shady wood.  With green painted trees and nice lighting and depth and stuff.  Not just one leafless "tree" representing the outmoded "idea" of a "wood", with a video screen interjecting an ironic commentary to one side...) and the gorgeous costumes.  I adored the baddie, shouted along with the children ("It's behind you!") and was particularly taken with a song entirely about potatoes, sung by a tuber-obsessed wicked magician...

What with Märchen at the theatre and the Weinachtsmarkt (Christmas market), I was inspired by the example of another friend to paint my nails turquoise.  Just seemed like exactly the right colour.  Said talons can be seen above right, curled around my first mug of Glühwein of the season.  Now there's a drink (or three) that went down particularly well on a cold and frosty night after a few hours of colourful hilarity and hysterical children!!

I'm looking forward to the Konzeptionsgespräch - concept show-and-tell - for my next opera tomorrow morning.  I feel very privileged to be an English singer working in a German theatre singing a Polish opera under the direction of a Spaniard....  This cannot BUT be interesting - Babel comes to mind!

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