Thursday, 27 January 2011

OK, for the first time here, I think, a bit of video!  This is the production I was most recently involved in, and I am rather proud to have been so, looking at even this little snippet.  A shame there were no solo voices involved in this trailer, as there were some really wonderful performances,  but I think it works well as an advertisement for the actual production (my goodness, those statues look soooo cool when descending - never saw them myself from the auditorium, of course, because I was always on stage when the action was happening).  I can be seen (this is not particularly obvious!) in silhouette near the beginning, lighting candles, and then in the last purple throes of religious ecstasy when the music (ahhhhh, this is such GORGEOUS music!!  Bloody well conducted, too.) hits its climax.

One of the most notable things for me here is how involved the entire cast is here, INCLUDING chorus.  No hangers-on.  No unsuitable giggling onstage.  Yes.  I like it!

So, another performance of this on Friday.  One of those weeks - we had one of these last Saturday, a Verkaufte Braut on Monday, and given at least seven weeks' interval between performances, that was interesting; and after Friday's König Roger, we have a My Fair Lady on Sunday.  I am incredibly lucky to have manageable roles in all of these; what it must be like to mentally slot in huge and complicated roles one after the other, I can't begin to imagine, and hope never to have to (and CHAPEAU!!! to those of my friends who do it regularly, without seeming even to break sweat...).

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