Monday, 23 May 2011

Photo:  Martina Pipprich
And thank GOODNESS that's over with!!  Apologies for lack of posting prior to the premiere, but really, things got absolutely manic.  I really don't think my brain has ever, EVER been quite so full.  Cramming for finals at Cambridge was the nearest I ever came, but this was so much more than that.  

Has to be said, though, they LIKED it!!  The public reaction was astounding, given the modernity and tonal weirdness of the piece.  The composer's reaction was very positive (I will admit, I was DREADING his appearance at the premiere - he has not always approved of productions of his work; in person, he was sweet and smiling).  The reviews are fantastic.  I can breathe again...

I am now very much looking forward to actually enjoying a few performances, as opposed to quivering with nerves the entire evening.  The hard work has been done.  I KNOW this music.  Yes, yes, I'll make different mistakes next time, but the broad sweep is fixed and fascinating.  

A short excerpt here from one of the rehearsals.  Roughly the equivalent of the "Yet here's a spot; out, damned spot" point.  Mad scene, I don't think I need to say.

Yes, that IS a fur coat I'm wearing.  In Mediterranean late spring weather.  No  bloody wonder I sweated like a pig!!!

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