Saturday, 2 July 2011

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OK, und das war's. 

Last performance as an ensemble artiste here in Mainz.  SO amazing that I got to play Lady Macbeth.  Really, it was an honour and a pleasure.  So many actresses would literally give their eye teeth to get their... um, teeth... into this role.  And I even got paid for it!!  As an artist, leaving on such a high note (OK if I'm going to be a pedant, which I generally am, technically it was a very low note, being as the last word in this role starts on an E above middle C and simply goes down and diminuendos until there is no more voice left...) is wonderful.  And yes, I was inundated with flowers, wine, cards.  Thanks to the Staatstheater Mainz for two wonderful seasons.

Absolutely the best thing, however, was the reaction of my colleagues.  Not just the singers with whom I have shared the stage, but orchestra members, make-up artists, technical staff... I was incredibly touched by the affection I was shown, and only managed to avoid sobbing pathetically by threatening to haunt them all constantly until someone found me a decent role somewhere (translated into normal terms as, I shall be back, I live here for the moment, I have permission to practise in the theatre, and given that I am no longer an ensemble member, I no longer have to hold back on the glamour at premières, so watch out for the diamonds and Attitude!).

I'll be in England for a while (normally coinciding with the best of the weather here in Germany), but then intend to come back and hit the ground running.  Renovation of the website (, for those who came in via the back door, as it were) is in process.  Photos done; recorded a couple of arias this afternoon with a wonderful pianist but have screeched to a bit of a halt because the software I used previously has lost its reverb options somewhere along the way, and the orchestra room we used is flat as a pancake acoustically.  I'll work it out somehow (if I have time; social life appears to be running on fast forward at the moment) and put them up when I can.

Meanwhile, thanks everyone for reading my ramblings for yet another year.  Next season promises to be different; who knows what will turn up?    Several of my colleagues have said that going freelance was the best thing to happen to them.  Yes, it's the worst financial climate for decades, but the possibilities are still out there.  I am now free to jump in or work as a guest where and when I please; should you come across anyone who needs a true dramatic mezzo, do point them in my direction!

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