Friday, 23 September 2011

An unexpected view of Cologne cathedral there on the right. Unexpected not from the point of view of photography, but because I hadn't thought I would be there on that evening to photograph it. In point of fact I shouldn't have been doing even that, as I had the last train home to catch - made it by a (rather sweaty) whisker - but I couldn't resist the way it loomed up so high and imposing against the cooling night sky. My resistance was lowered from having enjoyed great company, sought out on a last-minute whim, and not a few elementally delicious little golden ice-cold beers, a Cologne speciality, apparently...

I had decided it would be a great idea to break a long train journey, and indeed it was. Although just before getting off, I was on such a flat, tired adrenalin-reaction that I nearly didn't make it off the train... it wasn't so much the audition itself; I was exhausted from the logistics beforehand.  I left messages and spoke to several people at the state agency (bearing in mind that I HATE making phone calls!) before finally being told I was barking up the wrong tree and should be asking quite another body... aaargh!  I also had huge difficulty getting hold of a hotel room; the city was basically fully booked.  I was still trying to juggle finding a room somewhere along the train route when a nice lady from one of the hotels I'd called in desperation took pity on me and rang me back when a guest unexpectedly left.  This was half an hour before I set off for the station, still unsure whether any of my travel costs would be refunded...

Add to that the self-made panic of realising at the last minute that my passport and credit card were not where they were meant to be (a bit of deep breathing revealed that they were still squirrelled away in my money-belt, last used in Rome), and I was, to put it mildly, somewhat less than perfectly composed when I threw myself on the train with twenty seconds to spare...

I've no idea how the audition went - as I reported back to the agent who sent me afterwards, I haven't a clue about such things.  Unless you've obviously made a total mess of things, I find that the demeanour of the auditioners means precisely nothing in the long run.  Sometimes they smile and tap their feet and look ecstatic, and you never hear a thing; other times you slink off disconsolately, mentally beating yourself up, only to bag a nice contract.  Sing then forget.  

I was glad of the advice of a good friend, though, who reminded me when I was feeling flat as a pancake afterwards that there is a backlash to adrenalin - it's taking time to settle.  Hence I believe my idea of hopping off for a round of laughter and cold beer was beautifully timed.

So, first audition of the season under my belt, and a FAR better understanding of the bureaucracy involved - now I'm ready for more!!  (Fingers crossed...)

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