Thursday, 27 October 2011

I've been reflecting a little on the nature of memory and reality recently (this is probably why it's never a good idea to give singers too much free time...).

Two particular incidents triggered this.  Firstly, when I was in Berlin, I went to see the Pergamon exhibition, with the amazing 360° panorama by the artist Yadegar Asisi.  I had the unnerving feeling, standing on top of the observation tower and watching the light change and the sounds evolve on the oh-so-realistic view of Pergamon in 129AD, that I was on a balcony in some high-rise hotel; and that at some point later in life, I would think, oh yes, that was beautiful, where was I just then?  In other words, whilst being perfectly well aware of the treachery of memory, how on earth could I point out to my subconscious and to my memory what was real and what was not?  (And of course, the natural consequence of such a thought - does it really matter?  As an artist, this is definitely one to ponder!).

The second instance is probably just me being horribly absent-minded, but again, it did make me think.  

I write emails after forming them in my mind (well, the more important ones.  Of course, three-second replies go off straight away).  Trouble is, there appears to be a  mix-up occasionally between what I thought I had written and what I actually HAD written.  Not unembarrassing.

Hence the thoughts.  Actually an interesting question, and one worth pondering.

And for nachdenken (things to carry on thinking about), top left is a shot of Mainz from my side of the river.  Cold, cold, foggy day; is there colour there or not?

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