Tuesday, 11 December 2012

OK, well even by my standards that's pretty embarrassing.  I was walking through town today - something I hardly ever do as I usually cycle, but I'd just dropped my bike off for repair and was wending my way rather absent-mindedly back to the centre, reading a book, singing to myself without realising it and occasionally snapping at snowflakes (I like the feel of them on my tongue).  All of a sudden I heard a loud "... and ONE..." followed by gusts of laughter.  I looked up and focused, and there was the conductor of my current opera waving a cigarette at me instead of a baton and laughing like a hyaena...

Standing next to him and also grinning delightedly was his wife, to whom he introduced me.  I was mortified!!  I muttered something along the lines of, oh dear, that's bloody embarrassing... but at least you know I was practising (it had been a rhythmically tricky bit of my role that I discovered myself singing) and scuttled off post-haste.

I have a nasty feeling I made their day!

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  1. But darling, that's marvelous! We musicians are supposed to be quirky and unusual and well, MUSICIANS! I think he was delighted to see you at your unabashed self, not the proper performer highly aware of his criticism or approval on stage. Although how you walk about and read at the same time without tripping or stepping into a hole is beyond me.
    Carry on...