Monday, 10 June 2013

Argh.  Could there possibly be anything more irritating, in this land of order and regularity, than the ungrounded late-night bus timetable wibble?  All day, every day, the bus leaves that particular stop at seven minutes past the hour.  Sometimes there is another bus in between; during peak hours, maybe even two.  However, regularly at seven minutes past the hour, comes the bus.  My brain is pretty good at patterns, and that one had sunk in.  So after a première (good) and the party thereafter (managed to resist dancing competitions with the dancers, which is A Good Thing, and even held back from too much madness on the dance floor as I had forgotten to bring alternative (flatter; premières mean networking, which means showing  the best ankle you can... dancing in suitable première shoes can be quite literally crippling) shoes), I sauntered down to the bus stop (I normally cycle everywhere, but knew I'd have a couple of glasses of wine this evening so opted for public transport). Arrived smugly at three minutes past midnight.

Only to spot the blasted bus pulling away from the stop.

Closer inspection showed that - for absolutely NO reason that I can see - the bus just past midnight leaves at two minutes past the hour.  And the next one, at fifteen minutes past one.  Much gnashing of teeth!! I can see NO reason for these irregularities apart from sheer joy at disrupting passengers' journeys.  

I walked. Warmer evenings mean the scent of acacia blossom still hangs in the air, and with such an accompaniment, even stomping home annoyed in high stilettos is a pleasure - but still - irritating!

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