Saturday, 23 November 2013

Well, that was pretty amusing.  I attended a concert of opera scenes yesterday evening, given by the chorus.  Many of them are friends of mine so it was a combination of support for colleagues, curiosity and a free ticket.  Never a bad thing.
Afterwards, I was chatting with a couple of women who eventually asked whether I was a singer too, and if so, was I a member of the chorus?  I said no, I was a soloist, and they asked if they would have seen me in anything.
Turns out they have between them seen just about everything I have done here, but totally failed to believe it was me each time!  (Yes, I *did* check whether they had eyesight problems, to forestall any snark comments...).

Slightly weird being in a profession where one is delighted not to have been recognised!

(They are now both coming to my next performance of Eugene Onegin - which they praised to the skies even before I let on that I was singing in it (thank goodness) as they said they still weren't convinced that I could possibly be the little old lady they remembered...)

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