Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A glittering start...

I was rather amused to note that, en route from England, amongst the baggage kindly dragged along by my long-suffering parents, a pot of gold eye-glitter had got a little overexcited and exploded all over the bag in which it was carried. Naturally, this wasn't the one full of ballgowns and concert dresses, where it frankly wouldn't have made much difference; no, this was the one stuffed to bursting with my "normal" daytime tops (quotation marks because frankly my motto is "Never Knowingly Underdressed", but maybe more of that another day...). Damned hard stuff to get out, glitter, as anyone who has ever got carried away at one of those parties will know ;-) - so into town I marched, casually dressed in vest top, floor-length velvet skirt, diamond earrings (small!) and accidental lashings of glitter all over my chest... Never mind the atrocious German, I suspect there will be myriad little ways of failing to fit in which I shall discover over the coming months!

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