Tuesday, 4 August 2009

This is the start of an attempt to paint the occasional vague image of my new life here in Germany (obviously, before I forget, myself, what I have been up to!). Last week I was in deep cover as a grey and downcast London commuter; this week the world is sunny and alive with possibilities and the recognition that the German language is going to be a jolly hard nut to crack, unlike others I know and love.

I arrived yesterday, somewhat less fresh than I would have hoped after the journey (OK, I blame myself - although I booked a posh BA flight, I have been brainwashed repeatedly by Ryanair, and automatically wore all the clothes I had with me to save baggage weight; fine in miserable London, somewhat embarrassing over here where the temperatures were rising, rising... I wore all red for courage, and unfortunately ended up with coordinated cheeks.

Still, my new (albeit temporary) abode is lovely. Any place that comes with full-size lioness on the sofa (unfortunately not real) and pigeon sitting on two eggs in a plant pot in the corner of the balcony (all too real; don't know who was more shocked, of the two of us, when we made our mutual discovery), not to mention flowers on the wall and candles, me for the use of, has my vote. I settled in in no time.

I was happy to come across this rather lovely display of flowers in front of my new block of flats.

Bis bald,


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