Thursday, 11 February 2010

A quick post from an internet café in Berlin; dregs of bitter coffee by my side, heat frying my feet and snow in icy piles outside. I think it's finally time to look into getting a laptop and\or some sort of a smartphone - keeping in touch with agents and the theatre, not to mention the amazing social whirl that is Berlin, is pretty tricky without such things!

A small and salutory warning for anyone heading out on a short break; it might just pay to think a little about the weather in one's intended destination beforehand... Back at home, the snow has disappeared. A friend warned me it was still minus 6 up here; no problem, thought I, I have a nice warm coat. Normal packing - five minutes of chucking basics and whatever else came to hand into a small bag - ensued. What seriously did NOT occur to me was that every single pavement would be an icy deathtrap. This became apparent when I was picking my way fearfully along ungritted pathways in the Tiergarten in the dark (long story), teetering in my platform-heeled boots and unbalanced by my rucksack... The warm wishes of a colleague - "Have a nice break" were echoing ominously!!

Luckily I am so far in one piece, and having a great time. This city is a magnet for singers and artists of all kinds. I've met old friends, made new ones, met people I only previously knew online, and still have a few more days to enjoy!

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  1. sounds wonderful! I continue to follow along your adventures and experience vicariously.