Sunday, 19 December 2010

Back to my current fascination with straight acting for the moment; sorry, won't take long, I imagine.  I was struck tonight by the sense of a more immediate connection with the audience than when singing opera.  The connection when singing feels more visceral, perhaps deeper, but relies on something felt underneath the major conjunction of voice and orchestra/conductor.  That is where the emotion - feeling - uh, whatever it is that moves an entire body of people - starts, and it flows out from there.  When it's just you, the audience and the words, there's a definite sense of "sounding out" the public to determine exactly when the punchline, or the emotional twist, ought to sit.  My timing has been very different in each performance, not of my own volition but completely as an instinctive reaction to the energy of the audience.  In opera, I feel that energy in a different way; it can feed my interpretation, but doesn't generally alter the timing of it.

So much to learn!

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