Wednesday, 22 December 2010


And there is even the possibility of a couple of days with my family (subject to the vagaries of the weather, which has been pretty appalling in the last week or so, necessitating urgent finger-crossing and underlying panic; and thanks solely to a wonderful director being human enough to recognise the need to get out of the rehearsal room and into the company of those we love at this time of year).  I am packed (finally.  Yes, I know I probably should have started BEFORE a long performance - somehow, the time between reaching home post-theatre and heaving myself up in order to reach the airport with three hours to spare, as per Lufthansa emergency guidelines, seems to have shrunk to a baggy-eyed and negligible amount) and heading off now, and very much looking forward to a couple of days' breathing space after the unutterable chaos of the last couple of weeks.  I am of course grateful to have had so many auditions, in various countries and cities (mostly at the moment for agents; I am hoping the theatre auditions will follow in the not-too-distant future!), but between those, rehearsals and performances, have been rather vague as to where I was at any given time, and in which direction I was headed.  I need a little non-singer family common sense!

Just before I go, though, I would like to wish anyone reading this the VERY best of the season.  Thank you so much for persevering - it makes such a difference to know that my words are not just vanity publishing in the 21st century.  To amuse even one person on a bad day; to revive the hope in a wilting singer's breast; to reassure a nervous expat that the bloody language WILL eventually give in if you hack at it with enough grit: reason enough to keep on scribbling - and thank you for all and any feedback and comments.  Merry Christmas!!!

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