Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Last Saturday night the season turned unmistakeably to autumn.  (This was a bit annoying, actually, as I had met a friend and was wandering around the wine festival in town, and my lack of jacket meant that suddenly, the idea of sitting around until late in the evening testing one wine against another rather lost its appeal.)  Anyway, I decided to use the new crispness in the air to look towards the future, rather than mourning the non-summer and the past.  From now on, I am a freelance singer who happens to be based in Germany, and whatever auditions come along, I shall be more than ready for them.  I have been doggedly going to practise in the theatre most days to that end - all sanctioned by the new management there, so there's no need to feel awkward (although I have to admit that I did at first, seeing as how I was employed there for two years, and now am no longer.  This was one of those things where you just have to take a deep breath and do it.  Without such practice facilities, I'd have to heave my life up and reinvent myself yet again, as I can't really sing in my tiny flat.)

So, readiness to audition - tick.  Availability of auditions.... ah, well that's another story.  I sang for several agents last season and they all said they'd think of me whenever anything for my voice type came in.  Then, erm, nothing did.  The general advice over here seems to be, ring them often so you're in their minds.  I did - and every time got the same response - sorry, there are very, very few opportunities around, and nothing for your voice type.  Financial crisis is definitely hitting theatres.

So it's not the most wonderful vista out there, but I'll do what I can to expand what opportunities there are.  I have rung all my agents at least once (provoking some irritation in at least one case, as not all the theatres are yet back after their summer break), and am in the process of contacting new ones (more the merrier, provided I can afford to travel to audition for them).

And finally, it's important to me to keep the artistic flame burning, as it were.  I have practised my handful of audition arias until they are deep in my bones, and shan't cease to refresh them now and again, but if that's all I have to think about, they will quickly go stale.  So I have chosen two roles for which I would cheerfully rip off an arm to have the opportunity to sing (Azucena in Il trovatore and Klyt√§mnestra in Elektra, since you ask) and am learning those thoroughly.  Not to mention preparing an eclectic range of song literature which I have fallen in love with over the years but not really had time to explore.  Artistically I shall not be bored.

Nor, if I can help it, shall I let myself just sit around at home and mope between practice sessions and badgering agents.  My current project is making a dress.  Regular readers will not be totally surprised to discover that I am doing so totally without patterns and on a whim, with only the vaguest idea of what's meant to happen in dressmaking, having occasionally watched my mother sew as a child, and never made anything myself.  Should be interesting to see what happens!

So - new season, new start, fingers crossed!!

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