Thursday, 15 September 2011

Well.  There were those unmistakeable signs of autumn in the air.  Woodsmoke, for example. A particular freshness in the atmosphere.  Definite lessening of the heat of the day.  At which point I thought, AARGH, this really shouldn't be happening without summer having had its say, and headed for Rome on impulse.  I was lucky enough to have a favourite auntie in place, catsitting in a flat in the suburbs, so bed and company were assured, and given that there were no immediate auditions in the offing, away I flew.  I'm so glad I did - a bit of sun, good food, speaking Italian, have really recharged my batteries and I'm ready for anything.  Yes, even the customary (with agents) "Um, no auditions, especially none for your fach" sort of telephone conversation.

In the meantime it has amused me to make a dress.  First one I ever did, and I have absolutely no idea how to make dresses.  I saw some fabric and liked it, bought a bit of contrasting stuff, and improvised.  Provided I can be bothered to hem a few bits I might well wear it to a premiere on Saturday (I'll try to photograph it, if so).  

Such things take me through the boredom/panic of not having any immediate employment.  Onward and upward, however - who knows what's around the corner?  And I am keeping up my audition arias so that any opportunity can be pounced upon straight away.  Whatever I can be accused of, not being ever-ready to audition will never be on that list!

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