Friday, 6 September 2013

Goodness, it's awkward trying to gauge the correct outfit to wear to a première in which I was meant to be performing but which, due to the slightly-mangled-knee situation, I am going to be supporting as a member of the public.  Worrying about dress is definitely not one of my usual preoccupations, especially when it comes to premières - I absolutely adore dressing up (one of my small sadnesses is the prevalence of modern-dress productions - I *like* wearing massive flouncy skirts and rivers of diamonds and breathtaking headdresses).  I am well aware that in this city of dressing-down and sartorial restraint (I'm being nice here.  There is a culture of jeans and T-shirts, which changes to jeans and jumpers when the weather closes in; wearing dangly earrings is often interpreted as going a bit over the top...) I stand out like a sore thumb at times, but heck, I'm used to it and it amuses me, so why not?

Well, this evening I really don't want to overdo it; I am there to support my colleagues rather than to glitter away happily, and I definitely have no wish to overshadow anyone.  I was thinking something classy yet elegant, then, and combing my wardrobe for something which might fit the bill.  I do have a few bits and bobs which come under relatively restrained, mainly generic little black dresses which I use for auditions, being absolutely the only singer I know who actually has to dress down for audition; however all of these, upon closer inspection, tend to leave my left leg far too exposed.  I have graduated to walking slowly with a knee brace, and have recently been brave enough to abandon the crutches, but I really don't wish to present a picture of ill health to the Powers What Be at the theatre, so the brace, in all its dalek-like glory, really needs to be covered up.

Longer skirt then - shouldn't be a problem for me as that's my standard attire.  Longer skirt without holes gnawed through by oily bicycle chains and aiming for something like elegance?  Hmm.  Bit more difficult, that.  Eventually I settled on one which matches well with a beautifully fitted little velvet jacket.  Ha, I thought.  Sorted!

And now the weather has stumped me with a last-minute reversion to high summer.  Last night it was nearly 30° until well past eleven p.m., and today is just as hot.  However elegant, a velvet jacket in a packed auditorium might just be pushing it in temperatures where a swimming costume would be more comfortable.  Damn - back to the drawing board!


Today's random picture was taken on a very overcast day last weekend at the Botanical Gardens.  The sky was so depressingly grey behind the last sunflower standing that I couldn't resist taking it out completely and tweaking the colours to make everything just that bit more cheerful.  I hope it raises a smile!

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