Friday, 6 November 2015

I was particularly happy yesterday to attend a lunchtime "living-room concert" set up by a friend. I hadn't a clue who the band were that she'd invited, and in fact deliberately didn't look them up, because the concept sounded cool to me, and I thought that surprise all around might be the best idea. (I don't always work on logic, as you may have guessed.)

The audience was five in total. The band consisted of four Swiss brothers, plus the occasional unamplified instrument. I have seldom seen such energy and such sheer joy in the making of music! It didn't bother them in the slightest that the audience was so small; they smiled, sang and played because they just wanted to. I was thrilled to experience such fabulous music so close up. What made me happy (and made me think) in particular was that they sang, perfectly in harmony and with beautiful voices, utterly without self-consciousness or "showing off" or anything which distracted from the music. That is, of course, what I aspire to on stage and in auditions, so I was really grateful for the opportunity to remind myself that it can be done, and with unassuming grace.

(Should you be curious as to who they are, here's a link to their website: 77 Bombay Street.) I've put a photo up of us all after the concert; I think the wide grins all round show how "up" we all were after the concert, both audience and performers! 

I also had the chance to help out a friend's exciting new venture combining opera and a cappella, by doing a spot of videography. I'd been in on the project since pretty much the start, and it was marvellous to enjoy the autumn sunshine and the brilliant colours of a beautiful park and to see how much progress had been made, and how my friend in particular has simply blossomed due to having found her "thing" in life. She sang with joy and authenticity and freedom, and again, I thought, aha, I need to make sure there are no impediments to my own authenticity and joy in singing. 

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places and I am very grateful indeed to live in the middle of so much of it! I am continually trying to make the most of myself as an artist and a person (more on which soon, I think), and I am so lucky to have had such great examples around me in just the one week!

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