Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Vague musings on repetition...

I'm having a fascinating time at the moment, reprising a (non-singing) role; far from being boring or feeling repetitive, the re-learning and rehearsal process is really making me think.  Of course, one does this in a singing role too, but the process is so much clearer to see when working purely as an actress.  When I learned this role, I did so from start to finish (I know; sounds a bit obvious, but please stick with me).  Once the lines were learned, off we went in rehearsal, which was a great process.  This time around, it feels like I know the character much more thoroughly, coming back to the beginning bringing all the nuances I gathered from playing her to the end, as it were.  I am enjoying thinking through and making infinitesimal changes; the sheer joy of simply changing the inflection on one particular word and hearing a colleague snort with laughter is wonderful!

This is going to be a great show!  (Once I actually have a contract, I shall post up what it is.  Yes, I have been rehearsing for a week and a half, and going back to a nice little apartment provided by the opera company, and no, I still don't have an official contract.  German efficiency at its most weird and wonderful!!)

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